Site Environmental & Remediation Services (SERS)

Established in 2008, Site Environmental & Remediation Services Pty Ltd (SERS) provides cost effective, client focused environmental services across the Australian market.

With a highly experienced team, SERS provide our clients with technical expertise in the fields of Occupational Health & Safety, HAZMAT surveys, Asbestos removal, Asbestos surveys, Asbestos Management Plans, Asbestos monitoring, Dust monitoring, Vibration monitoring, Noise monitoring, Water monitoring, Soil / Water / Gas and Air Sampling, Dilapidation surveys, Project management, Technical Demolition Services, Environmental Management Systems, Contaminated Land Risk assessments, Due Diligence reporting and Remediation Solutions.

Environmental Services


The detection, testing and removal of asbestos is one of SERS key strengths with nine years of experience across industrial, mining and residential properties.

Environmental monitoring
Environmental Monitoring

SERS offers dust, noise, vibration and water monitoring services which are complemented by our sophisticated in-house equipment. Outside of our main monitoring services, we work…

Dilapidation surveys
Dilapidation Surveys

SERSs knowledge of construction contracting and approvals allows us to offer all-inclusive dilapidation services. We can work with landholders, inspect infrastructures and offer comprehensive reporting….

Contaminated Land Services

SERS offers a wide range of services related to contaminated land assessment. We manage a large range of projects relating to the assessment of human…

Planning and Landfill Management

SERS provides environmental planning services across a variety of sectors focusing on waste management and industrial planning and approvals.  

Spill Response

SERS delivers 24-hour emergency spill response services across WA and QLD, ensuring environmentally accountable solutions for hydrocarbon and PCB spills.  


Environmental Consultants

SERS is a leading Australian environmental consultancy with technical expertise in HAZMAT, risk assessment, remediation solutions, due diligence reporting and hygiene monitoring.

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Services Australia-wide

SERS offers services nationwide with offices in Perth, Darwin, Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane.

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Cost Effective Remediation

SERS provides cost-effective environmental remediation services focusing on client requirements and outcomes, through streamlined services and efficient delivery.

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