At SERS we conduct a number of survey services to support the development and property management industry. We complete surveys in house with our expert team of qualified and experienced Environmental Consultants.

Residential Asbestos Surveys

We offer a conclusive real time asbestos inspection service which is specifically tailored to the residential sector. The surveys suit owner occupiers, renovators and property investors who wish to make informed judgements for both health and financial purposes. This includes both asbestos analysis and asbestos testing as well as the developing of Asbestos Management plans.

Commercial & Industrial Asbestos Surveys

Our Asbestos Consultants have extensive experience in all matters relating to asbestos management plans from identification through to removal and in-situ management, including; asbestos sampling, asbestos analysis, asbestos testing and other related services. Our team has over 40 years combined experience with asbestos ranging from commercial situations through to highly technical industrial situations.

Dilapidation Surveys

Based on our knowledge of demolition services in both contracting and approvals, we compliment this service by providing comprehensive dilapidation surveys to any infrastructure. We are able to liaise with landholders, arrange inspections, and inspect properties or infrastructure and report in a timely manner to ensure our client is efficiently covered off for liability purposes.

Due Diligence Property Surveys

Due Diligence Surveys are generally requested by listed companies, or financiers to private purchasing entities to mitigate balance sheet exposure. Environmental due diligence surveys are conducted by SERS under tight time frames to offer the potential purchasers information regarding their obligations under statutes for the environmental status of the site that is surveyed, whilst also detailing the environmental risks associated with the site in financial terms, in addition to explaining the potential for costly time delays associated with environmental Works required as dictated by the regulator. SERS follows as a preference the Department of Environment Regulation formal Preliminary Site Investigation & Detailed Site Investigation format for such works.