Asbestos Management Plans & Surveys

Commercial and Industrial Asbestos Management Plans

Handle on-site issues and look out for your workers with a SERS asbestos management plan. Our specialists have developed asbestos management plans for commercial and industrial environments and work extensively with property owners and construction companies.

An asbestos management plan is a comprehensive overview of the strategies, activities, and ongoing processes required to effectively and efficiently manage the removal or quarantine of asbestos on your site.

SERS specialise in the development of strong asbestos management plans, contact us today to get started.

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Asbestos Surveys

An asbestos survey involves the identification and assessment of asbestos within a structure. A qualified assessor can conduct an Asbestos Survey to determine:

  • How much asbestos is present
  • What type of asbestos materials
  • Where the asbestos is located and is it accessible
  • Can the asbestos be removed safely
  • If it can’t be removed, how to suppress or quarantine the asbestos
  • Ongoing recommendations to control or minimise risk

Asbestos are naturally occurring minerals with physical characteristics that made them ideal as a building material – which means asbestos can be found just about anywhere. From under your carpets, inside the walls, hidden in the ceiling, even in your car!

Removing asbestos is always the preferred approach, however as the fibres are incredibly dangerous and large asbestos installations are prone to breaking, it is often more cost-effective to suppress or quarantine the asbestos.

SERS offers complete asbestos surveying as a core part of our asbestos management services. Our experienced asbestos consultants have successfully completed asbestos surveys for a number of facilities from residential properties to large scale industrial premises.

Residential Asbestos Surveys

We offer a conclusive real time asbestos inspection service which is specifically tailored to the residential sector. The surveys suit owner occupiers, renovators and property investors who wish to make informed judgements for both health and financial purposes.

Asbestos Management Legal Requirements

If a building is suspected of containing asbestos or the property is undergoing demolition works, an asbestos survey is required to cover off the owner’s legislative obligations. Real estate agents can also opt to have a survey conducted for property listings.

The relevant codes of practice for asbestos as issued by Safe Work Australia (SWA) state that all buildings suspected of containing asbestos must have a survey conducted. Asbestos assessments completed by SERS specialists are completed in accordance to strict quality controls with every detail carefully recorded. We complete all surveys according to strict regulations and hold the necessary accreditation.

Suspected samples are sent to a NATA accredited laboratory for further analysis. The results of the asbestos survey are critical to assess potential health risks for occupants in the building. The data is used to form a comprehensive asbestos management plan which provides guidance on appropriate methods for handling the materials safely.