Dust Monitoring Services

Dust Monitoring

Employers have a legal obligation to ensure safe working environments for all employees. Conditions must meet certain standards and are put in place across different industries from construction to mining. The prevention of occupational diseases continues to remain a top priority as new regulations are instituted.

One concern is health risks related to excessive exposure to dust. This continues to be an issue particularly for industries in high risk environments such as construction and mining. Inhaling dust particles over a long period of time contributes to lung disorders and other diseases.

Particles from 0.001 to 0.1mm pose serious health concerns for the respiratory system. Precautions must be taken to ensure working conditions are safe for all personnel.

Assessing air quality according to occupational safety procedure is critical to prevent and minimise hazards in the working environment. Dust monitoring is conducted to measure and assess the concentration of airborne dust in the environment. Tests should only be carried out by qualified specialists with the appropriate equipment.

Air testing programs are designed to:

  • Assess air quality
  • Identify site generated dust
  • Quantify the amount of dust
  • Determine appropriate management methods

The information gathered during the air sampling process is essential to create an effective dust control strategy.

SERS provides a full range of environmental services including air testing and monitoring for airborne dust. Our services also include detailed analysis of dust particles generated from different activities such as mining, drilling, tunnelling, bulk earthworks and other industrial processes. Monitoring is done in accordance with the relevant industry standards and regulations.

Environments such as construction sites are especially prone to health risks from airborne dust. A dust control strategy is necessary to minimise risk to all personnel and ensure conditions are safe. It also requires:

  • Establishment of a program for dust control
  • Continuous monitoring of airborne particles
  • Implementation to control dust exposure

Dust Monitoring Sampling

SERS works extensively with clients in different industries for environmental services. We currently have 16 fully equipped mobile monitoring stations servicing projects in locations throughout Australia. Our units come equipped with remote telecommunications and are serviced by our dedicated team.

Results from the air testing and monitoring are reported back to clients on a predefined timeline to current standards. Our self managed systems are capable of measuring 3 particle sizes of dust in real time including PM1, PM2.5, and PM10. All units do not require mains power and each has its own power source.

SERS offers the following when you work with our company:

  • Monitoring: Air monitoring services are backed up with a full environmental consultancy that deals in regulatory compliance. The data procured is then used to develop and implement the most appropriate dust control strategy.
  • Installations: Our specialists are able to install complete systems to meet client specifications and regulatory standards. Remote data systems installed give real time alerts and warnings to clients 24 hours a day.
  • Servicing: Equipment servicing including maintenance and repairs are completed in-house. There are no additional servicing charges for any of our equipment.

Our team is able to move monitoring equipment on a two hours’ notice within the Perth metropolitan area. The data downloaded from the units can be set at intervals according to client requirements. One fixed charge is made per billing cycle with absolutely no hidden fees or service charges.

Our services are conducted in accordance to strict health and safety regulations.

SERS currently services subdivision sites with complete coordination between consultancy services and data procured under one service stream. Using our services ultimately help your organisation save valuable time and money throughout the monitoring process. We offer highly competitive rates for a wide range of environmental projects.

Dust Sampling

Airborne dust can be sampled through static or personal means with personal dust sampling as the preferred approach. This approach quantifies dust concentration levels for a standard eight hour shift. Static sampling is performed to verify results from personal sampling.

SERS offers personal dusting monitoring through existing equipment we have available. This service complements our hygiene monitoring capabilities in which we monitor for silica which is perhaps the most harmful dust in mines. Harmfulness increases with the percentage of silica contained in the dust.

Our personnel routinely perform air testing and monitoring for airborne dust contained in the environment.

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