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Heavy machinery used in commercial and industrial environments must go through routine testing to identify any major issues. Condition monitoring is a major aspect of predictive maintenance and involves measuring certain aspects such as vibrations. The process ensures safe operation of heavy machinery.

Vibration monitoring for equipment is critical to:

  • Schedule maintenance for machinery
  • Ensure safe operation for personnel
  • Prevent machinery failure
  • Extend machinery lifespan
  • Minimise downtime
  • Increase productivity

Machinery that is not monitored on a regular basis is more likely to lead to failure. Monitoring services are typically used for rotating equipment such as pumps, electrical motors, and combustion engines. Visual inspections are often not sufficient to perform such tests as advanced equipment is needed for a complete analysis.

Monitoring can identify problematic machine faults including misalignment and looseness. A periodic monitoring program assesses the vibration levels over time, giving a more detailed overview at the equipment. It also enables a more accurate assessment of any faults present in the equipment.

Condition monitoring programs are strongly recommended as a precaution to minimise downtime and reduce unexpected failures. This is accomplished with early detection and scheduled maintenance. SERS has extensive experience with providing solutions for a range of machines across different industries.

Vibration Monitoring Services

SERS offers a range of environmental services that are tailored to meet client specifications and regulatory standards. We have 8 mobile vibration monitoring systems available that are capable of performing detailed vibration analysis for commercial and industrial environments. Our available mobile units do not require access to mains power as each is completely self sufficient.

Our units are used on development sites, demolition sites and road construction works. The units are used to establish and monitor the effects of heavy machinery including piling rigs, rollers, loaders, excavators, rock breakers and heavy vehicles to surrounding sensitive receptors. The units are ideal for monitoring impact to residences, businesses and heritage buildings and limiting our clients liabilities to damage claims.

Each unit is equipped with remote telecommunication systems and serviced by our team of specialists. Servicing of our equipment is completed in our in-house facilities at no extra charge. Our services are incredibly flexible with staff that report to clients according to prescribed timelines.

Our specialists are available to:

  • Install complete systems to exact requirements and locations
  • Provide servicing to our equipment at no additional charge
  • Install remote data systems to gather real time alerts and warnings

Data from our equipment is downloaded at set intervals established by the client. The data is then backed up with an environmental consultancy that deals extensively with regulatory compliance. Detailed feedback and advice are provided based on the data gathered.

Our services are available within the CBD district of Perth, Brisbane and Darwin, regional areas of Western Australia, Queensland, and the Northern Territory. Our clients include private developers and a number of ASX 200 listed companies. We offer complete coordination between the data and consultancy services under one stream.

Vibration Analysis

Vibration analysis is one of the most commonly used methods with the aid of machines for detailed measurements. Vibration levels are then measured against historical baseline values to detect any anomalies and to assess severity. Interpreting the signals is an elaborate process that requires specialised experience.

SERS uses state of the art technologies for data procurement and analysis. Examining individual frequencies is a common technique which can often be used to identify the root cause of any mechanical problems. Examples may include increased signals at specific frequencies.

Comprehensive analysis can be used to detect equipment wear before failure occurs. This gives ample time to schedule maintenance or repair, minimising costly downtime as much as possible. Frequency analysis is only aspect of evaluating vibrations.

SERS employs a number of techniques and specialised equipment for detailed assessments. Our professionals consider numerous aspects from the historical trends of vibrations to bearing temperatures and more.

Data samples collected from the machines we use are downloaded to a computer. One of our analysts the examines the data for any changes that may indicate an impending failure with the equipment. Larger machines typically employ permanent monitoring systems rather than the use of a handheld device.

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SERS offers a comprehensive range of environmental services for commercial and industrial properties. Our experienced personnel work according to client specifications and industry regulations. All personnel are highly qualified with specialists in a number of a number of fields available.

We employ a number of machines and techniques to detect any equipment faults such as imbalance and misalignment. If you have any questions our processes, our team is here to help answer your questions.

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