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dilapidation surveys


Detailed assessments are necessary for buildings about to go into demolition work or when new tenants move in. Dilapidation surveys are performed by a surveyor to assess the pre-construction condition of a property including the internal and external condition, as well adjacent structures. Any existing faults within the structure are then recorded in a detailed report which may include cracks, distortion, leakages, settlement, and other building defects.

Assessments are performed for the entire structure which include:

  • Surrounding footpaths and crossovers
  • Adjoining infrastructure including walls and roof
  • Roofing structures for deterioration
  • Service pits and infrastructure
  • Cornices and ceilings
  • Roof gutters and downpipes
  • Fixtures within the structure
  • Flooring and tiling

These reports are necessary to settle any disputes or minimise losses should there be any legal fees involved. Requirements are typically stipulated in the contract or at the request of local authorities. Most contractors will require a detailed survey before any work is carried out especially for major projects that involve demolition.

Any damage present in the structure is carefully recorded along with detailed photographs and notes. Property assessments can be conducted at any time during the development phase but these are typically done before any work begins and after project completion to ensure everything is satisfactory. Formal dilapidation surveys can resolve any potential disputes between property owners and construction companies.

A pre-construction condition report also serves to protect contractors against any erroneous claims of property damage from third parties. The absence of a detailed survey exposes the contractor to unjustified claims which can otherwise be avoided by taking the necessary precautions and getting a building inspection done.

Our Services

SERS offers a full range of environmental services including comprehensive dilapidation surveys. All services are carried out by our highly experienced specialists and in accordance to strict procedures. We work extensively with clients from private developers to some of the largest companies in Australia.

We handle the entire process from liaising with the property owners to arranging complete inspections. Our specialists prepare detailed reports outlining any existing damage and faults within the structure. Inspections are conducted using advanced equipment to ensure nothing is overlooked.

Detailed photographs and estimated budgets for remedial work are included in our assessment for problematic areas that need to be addressed. Each fault we discover is then marked and ranked according to their priority. We take every measure to ensure our inspections are comprehensive with no details left out.

Property inspections are available for any facility including:

  • Residential properties
  • Commercial establishments
  • Industrial environments
  • High rise structures
  • Educational facilities
  • Public utilities
  • Factories

Assessments are necessary as a precautionary measure for both contractors and property owners even for minor projects. The expense protects both construction companies and property owners of any unjustified claims from either side. Pre-construction reports are well worth the cost particularly for projects that involve demolitions or excavation work.

After the report is finalised assessing the condition of the structure and surrounding buildings, all parties are then brought together to sign the document. This ensures that all individuals understand the extent of any existing damage and that fault can be placed to the right party.

Is a Building Assessment Necessary?

SERS has conducted numerous building assessments for clients across different industries. A formal survey is absolutely necessary for projects that require demolition or other major construction work. Failing to get an inspection done makes you potentially liable for any damages if a claim is made. The cost for any claims made could easily exceed tens of thousands of dollars and even more depending on the project scope.

The main advantages of getting a formal inspection done include:

  • Recording all existing damage and building defects
  • Understanding the condition of a structure prior to construction
  • Reducing claimed damages made by adjacent property owners
  • Protecting your interests against unjustified claims

The cost for a dilapidation report varies depending on the location and complexity of the project but is well worth the investment to protect your interests should any claims be made. If you have any questions about the process or what it entails, our specialists are available to help. We are also usually able to provide a quote for our services on the same day as your enquiry.

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SERS offers a full range of services including property assessments completed to high standards and according to strict requirements. Building inspections are conducted by our experienced specialists and completed to meet all specifications with detailed reports that outline any problematic areas with the structure.

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