Due Diligence Property Surveys

Due Dilligance surveys


Due Diligence Surveys are generally requested by listed companies, or financiers to private purchasing entities to mitigate balance sheet exposure. Environmental due diligence surveys are conducted by SERS under tight time frames to offer the potential purchasers information regarding their obligations under statutes for the environmental status of the site that is surveyed, whilst also detailing the environmental risks associated with the site in financial terms, in addition to explaining the potential for costly time delays associated with environmental Works required as dictated by the regulator. SERS follows as a preference the Department of Environment Regulation formal Preliminary Site Investigation & Detailed Site Investigation format for such works.

Often, based on contamination risks identified during the course of the investigation, limited targeted sampling regimes are recommended or carried out on the subject site in order to further assess any identified areas of environmental concern that have the potential to cause financial and/or regulatory concern. All environmental works, including soil and groundwater investigations are carried out by qualified SERS personnel, with all laboratory analysis by NATA accredited laboratories.

As Contaminated Sites legislation and chemical tolerance health based levels are varies over time (based on regulatory and technical advances), SERS ensures that all due diligence surveys are completed with the development or purchasers future requirements at the forefront of their objectives. As SERS offer a full front to back service in remediation, we also offer accurate, real market cost estimates complete with timelines for remediation purposes wherever necessary. This is designed to aid the purchaser in the decision process.

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