Asbestos – Residential Property Surveys

Residential asbestos survey


Any structure built prior to 1990 within the Perth residential market, has the potential to contain asbestos as a part of the building fabric. The overall relative risk asbestos poses is dependant on where the asbestos containing material is located, its age, it’s condition and the intended use of the asbestos containing product.

We offer a conclusive real time asbestos inspection service which is specifically tailored to the residential sector. The surveys suit owner occupiers, renovators and property investors who wish to make informed judgements for both health and financial purposes. The surveys also suit real estate agents looking to effectively profile the condition of a property for sale to remove any doubt for prospective buyers.

All inspections are completed by the use of electronic screening tools owned and operated by qualified and experienced SERS personnel and are completed over one to two hours onsite. The general cost of a survey is $295.00 plus GST for a standard residential property within the Perth Metropolitan market.

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