As a part of any inner city development, the majority of development applications or demolition licences require a comprehensive noise and vibration management plan prior to approval. As we are contractors by nature, we are cohesive in our approach, understanding the process of being reflective of developers process while complying with all regulatory requirements.

We complement our Noise and Vibration Management Plans by also offering Noise and Vibration monitoring services. This ensures a suitable audit trail and offers the developer / contractor feedback on employed Noise and Vibration mitigation measures. We also provide advice for both contractors and developers alike to mitigate unnecessary amenity impacts which can make developments in constrained areas untenable for surrounding land users.

Dust management and legislated monitoring can also be documented by our team which often compliments our services in noise and vibration. We offer Dust monitoring services both in a site and personnel setting.

We offer this service across the country from residential to industrial in both in CBD / metropolitan situations through to rural industrial settings, inclusive of mining operations.