SERS offers a wide range of services from environmental surveys to detailed site assessments according to strict standards. Our services are provided by our experienced personnel and done in accordance to all healthy and safety regulations.

We have established a strong reputation in the industry for delivering exceptional services to the highest standards. Our company has since grown from a two person operation to having sixteen staff members. We constantly strive to exceed expectations with the services we provide.

Our client base now includes some of the top construction companies and miners in Australia. We also work with a number of ASX 200 listed companies in different industries. In addition to servicing all of Western Australia, our services are available to the Northern Territory and Queensland with the opening of our new Darwin and Brisbane offices.

Our head office is located in Northbridge, Perth with personnel from SERS regularly travelling throughout Australia for different projects. Our company currently employs sixteen staff members with a diverse set of skills. Each member enhances our capabilities, allowing us to continue delivering quality services across different industries.

Our Experience

Certain projects need to be done according to strict safety and health regulations to minimise injuries or bodily harm such as asbestos removal and other site assessments.  Safety of our staff is our first priority in executing any of our works and all of our staff work within our documented Safety Management System which is currently being certified to AS 4801.

Our personnel consist of highly qualified specialists in their respected field including Environmental Scientists, Biologists, Occupational Hygienists, Environmental Planners, Environmental Technicians and Licensed Asbestos Assessors. Our staff work within our Quality Management System (QMS) which is certified to ISO:9001.

Regardless of the project requirements, we make sure to deploy the right specialists to get the job done right. Additional support is also offered to our specialists with administration staff. We are able to bring a wealth of experience across the environmental services we offer including site assessments and more.

Contaminated site assessments are necessary to determine the extent of contamination on a site and the potential risks to workers. These assessments must be undertaken by qualified professionals using the right equipment. Our Contaminated Land specialists have the relevant qualifications with over 20 years of experience from both Perth and the UK.

Our practical and technical expertise from working on diverse projects has allowed us to grow substantially. The site sampling and remediation process are guided by our specialists in a seamless flow. This eliminates having to manage multiple contractors, enabling us to provide more cost effective solutions that meet legislative compliant outcomes.

Our contaminated land specialists are experienced in the differing legislation compliance that are currently in place across Australia. Our personnel continue to demonstrate high levels of competency with comprehensive assessments that satisfy regulatory and third party audits. These include flora and fauna surveys, due diligence surveys, and bulk remediation execution.

Employers have an obligation to ensure that working environments are safe for all employees. The International Occupational Hygiene Association (IOHA) requires a risk assessment of potential workplace hazards. These assessments must be conducted by a competent individual.

Director Matt Campbell oversees our Occupational Health and Hygiene services which are supported by our team of Occupational Hygienists, Environmental Technicians, and Licensed Asbestos Assessors. We have a substantial fleet of owned, operated & serviced monitoring equipment including dust monitors (personnel and site), vibration monitors, noise monitoring (personnel and site), asbestos monitoring (personnel and site), silica monitoring and gas monitoring. If there is a hazard within the workplace SERS are able to assess, monitor and report to legislated requirements.

Asbestos Removals

Asbestos are microscopic fibres which pose serious health concerns if they are breathed in. Regulations associated with the removal of asbestos require a licensed professional to undertake the task. SERS has worked directly with the abatement of over one million square metres of asbestos from the built environment.

Our extensive experience allows us to identify asbestos in the built environment by understanding historical construction methods better than other environmental firms. These services are backed by our in house asbestos laboratory services which are NATA accredited. Asbestos removals are done according to strict safety regulations using the correct PPE and equipment.

Specialty Services

SERS personnel are also available for a range of speciality services related to occupational hygiene. These include personal respirable dust monitoring, noise and vibration assessments, and full risk assessments to evaluate and assess potential health hazards.

Aidan Rooney is our Environmental Manager and heads Environmental Management, Approvals, and Licensing. Aidan supports the team in a managerial and technical capacity with a specialisation in environmental planning, compliance, impact assessment, environmental monitoring, and management. His broad range of knowledge is applied across different industries and associated requirements.

With a team of environmental consultants and specialists, SERS is able to offer a diverse range of services to meet any project specifications from private developments to comprehensive land assessments for large mining companies.

We deliver comprehensive solutions for a wide range of environmental issues so our clients can focus on more important matters. SERS continues to work with some of the largest organisations across Australia for environmental services from site surveys to complete assessments.

Here are profiles of our management team below.

    Matt Campbell

    Matt Campbell


    Matt founded SERS with the vision to provide cost effective, client focused environmental services to the development industry.