Asbestos Survey Project Profile

Job site / location: Caper Lambert & Dampier Power Stations
Client: SKM (EPCM to Rio Tinto Iron Ore Expandsion Projects)
Value of Works: ~$30,000
Commencement of Works: August 2010
Completion of Works: September 2010

Description of Works

SERS was initially engaged by SKM to inspect and provide legislative compliant asbestos registers for both operational power stations owned and operated by Rio Tinto. Surveys included intrusive sampling in operational areas wherever possible to gain an overall understanding of the presence of asbestos within each plant.

Over one hundred bulk material samples from each power station site was submitted to an independent NATA accredited laboratory for analysis for the presence of asbestos. Site surveying was undertaken over a full week and subsequent reporting followed soon after the site inspections.

Reporting was tailored for the proposed deconstruction of both plants and provided for both immediate and long term measures. Reporting also formed the basis for the cost estimates for the client as required.


Asbestos was discovered in both plants, including material not present in the existing on-site asbestos registers. As a consequence advice and further testing of ambient air was undertaken via the MFM method to assess air quality against current exposure guidelines.

SERS was subsequently awarded consultancy and hygiene contracts on the overall decommissioning of both plants in the order of $1,000,000. Decommissioning works on both plants are expected to commence in March 2012 and be completed by December 2012.