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Spill Response

The release of chemicals in any location poses devastating consequences for the environment and the local community if left without an appropriate response. Whether through a fuel leak or major tanker spill, a prompt spill response plan is critical in the event of an emergency. Certain situations require experienced specialists especially when hazardous materials are involved.

An emergency plan is important especially for industries that handle hazardous materials on a regular basis.

Despite efforts to follow all safety procedures, planning for an emergency is essential. These include procedures to follow in the event of a chemical or oil spill regardless of how minor. Failure to address spills appropriately poses considerable health risks and can even cause irreversible damage depending on the severity.

Emergency Spill Response Services

SERS offers a full range of environmental services including immediate responses for all emergencies related to spills whether through a minor leak or a hazardous spill of a larger scale. Our services ensure a prompt response to address any emergency situation that deals with potentially dangerous materials. We handle the entire process from the spill containment to clean up and processing.

The handling and disposal of waste are conducted according to strict procedures to ensure the situation is properly contained. Our services provide an environmentally friendly solution that is legally compliant. Our environmental technicians have the expertise and resources to address all types of spills.

SERS understands that time is incredibly important when dealing with certain types of emergencies. We are able to respond promptly and send a team immediately to the location to begin the containment process and assess the situation. SERS currently offers this service to the Western Australian including Perth metropolitan and regional all regional areas.

SERS currently services a major state utility provider for spill response across the south west region of Western Australia. This spill response is provided to the highest quality and health and safety standards required to service such a contract. Works include the identification of the spill, characterisation of the material, excavation and loading of the material and complete disposal.

Emergencies often happen when least expected. We offer emergency response services available 24 hours a day for all types of spills. Our services are backed by a fleet of vehicles including excavators, bin trucks, tipper trucks (8m3 to 20m3 semi tippers), and vacuum truck vehicles.

Spilled hazardous materials need to be handled and disposed of according to strict regulations. Waste storage facilities are available at our location in the northern metropolitan area. Our specialists clean up spills to regulatory standards and protocols established by the relevant bodies. As we have direct interaction and manage waste receipt facilities, legislative compliance to waste regulations is ensured.

Our qualified response teams work closely with the appropriate authorities to contain the situation. Documented traceability is provided for auditing purposes and tailored to fit the circumstances. The entire process is professionally handled by our team from the spill containment to final disposal of hazardous materials.

Our services are the forefront of best practices established for emergency response. Our response teams are available to handle a range of materials including fuel, petroleum products, acids, chemicals, and radioactive liquids. Our vehicles are fully equipped to address any type of emergency situation and according to safety regulations.

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Our Personnel

SERS employs a team of specialists in their respected field including environmental scientists, biologists, and occupational hygienists. Our personnel are our most valuable asset and each further enhances our capabilities. This allows us to provide a full range of environmental services to high standards.

Attempting to handle a chemical spill without a qualified team or the proper equipment poses serious risks. The specialists on our emergency response team are highly experienced, having worked on numerous emergencies throughout the region. Our team is fully supported by a number of technical specialists, environmental officers, and technicians.

We provide a seamless service from start to finish.

SERS offers complete spill management solutions to contain emergency situations promptly and according to legal requirements. A wide range of environmental and remediation services are also provided in locations across Australia. Our specialists are available to answer any of your questions.

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SERS provides a full range of environmental services for emergency situations including fuel leaks and spills of hazardous materials. Our specialists are aptly prepared to handle emergencies of any scale. Our client base now consists of some of the largest organisations in Australia including ASX 200 listed companies.

In addition to servicing the Western Australian market, our services have now been extended to cover other areas including the Northern Territory and Queensland with offices in both Darwin and Brisbane. Regardless of the situation, we can quickly mobilise a team to your location to begin the cleanup process.

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