Compliance Monitoring Services Australia

Ensure your business remains competitive and compliant by meeting the most up to date industry standards.

SERS compliance monitoring team is made up of a suite of uniquely skilled professionals with over 30 years in the Environmental Service Sector. Offering an unbiased, detailed look at your business and its performance regarding Environmental compliance, SERS can achieve practical and innovative solutions to meet your compliance monitoring needs.

We ensure your business effectively and efficiently meets the conditions of the approvals/permits you hold. SERS offers a full range of environmental services for clients across Australia.

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What is compliance monitoring?

Compliance monitoring is performed by an objective third party which examines how closely a business or organization is conforming to industry standards and regulation. Under the EPBC Act and SD Act Compliance Monitoring involves:

  • educating people whose activities may cause environmental harm
  • helping people to meet requirements under national environmental law
  • investigating unlawful or environmentally damaging activities and
  • enforcing Australia’s national environmental law.

In addition, compliance monitoring can afford customers an extra level of assurance they may require when engaging in business. Routine monitoring can provide your business with a means to uphold its integrity and do its part to mitigate adverse environmental impacts from occurring.

At SERS our highly experienced environmental compliance monitoring team can aid in the management of risk associated with non-compliance by assisting your business in:

  • air monitoring
  • asbestos monitoring
  • noise monitoring
  • vibration monitoring
  • soil monitoring
  • water monitoring