Regulatory decision making bodies who assess the environmental impacts arising from the implementation of a project often require the development of Environmental Management Plans (EMPs) in support of a planning or an environmental approval application. At SERS, our highly trained Environmental Consultants have the unique capability and expertise to devise both your EMP and to prepare and lodge all your necessary applications.

Typically, a developer or organisation can be required to demonstrate that their proposal will be managed in an environmentally responsible manner and in accordance with State and Federal Legislation. This is achieved through the completion of an Environmental Management Plan that identifies the important assets and the potential impacts of the development of the surrounding area. It also describes management techniques and outcomes to avoid or mitigate impacts and measure environmental performance. EMPs are always tailored to meet the proponents environmental approval requirements. The EMPs detail specifications and procedures covering site requirements, necessary licences and approvals.

A strong Environmental Management Plan will include vibration monitoring, noise monitoring, water testing, dust monitoring, among other environmental services.

With our established relationships with regulatory decision making bodies we can provide our clients with cost effective, timely and environmentally acceptable plans and approvals.