Water Monitoring Project Profile

Job site/ location: City of Rockingham
Client: City of Rockingham
Value of Works: ~$110k
Commencement of Works: February 2013
Completion of Works: December 2014

Description of Works

SERS were awarded a public tender for the monitoring and reporting of various water courses and infrastructure for the City of Rockingham for duration of 2 years. All reporting and recommendations are to complete the requirements of the City comply with their obligations for the Water Corporation in the management of water resources within the Perth coastal plain within the City of Rockingham.

Work Undertaken

  • Review and assessment of previous investigation.
  • Collection and analysis of groundwater samples with onsite and laboratory analysis by a NATA accredited laboratory.
  • Regular consultation with Auditor and regulatory bodies.
  • Compilation of reporting for the use of the City of Rockingham and the Water Corporation with recommendations for management of resource.


SERS over the duration of the next two years will execute a monitoring and reporting program which will guide the City to complete its obligations to the Water Corporation.