Asbestos Survey Project Profile

Job site / location: Hale House, West Perth
Client: Peter Hunt Architects
Value of Works: ~$15,000
Commencement of Works: March 2011
Completion of Works: April 2011

Description of Works

Hale house is a heritage listed building situated behind the State parliament of Western Australia. SERS was commissioned by the project architect to conduct a hazardous material survey inclusive of in ground pesticide impact to enable redevelopment of the building and the subsequent site for the use of the Premier and Cabinet of Western Australia.

Inspections and sampling were conducted over a two week period. Intrusive sampling where possible was undertaken for the presence of asbestos, lead in paint, PCB capacitors in light fittings and for the presence of pesticides in soil underneath and surrounding the building footprint.


Asbestos was discovered and verified in most additions to the original construct. Additional to the existing register, asbestos in the form of packers was identified and delineated within floor spaces. Also pesticides were identified in the soil in several areas.

As a part of the final reporting, all hazardous materials were clearly defined and procedures for abatement and immediate management were provided. Due to the site being renovated as opposed to bulk demolition, management measures were offered to pragmatically deal with hazardous materials that were to remain as part of the building. This ensured construction works proceeded without delay or cost to the state.