Contracting Works Project Profile

Job site/ location: Redundant Duct Removal Coarse Ore Tunnels, Cape Lambert Rio Tinto Iron Ore.
Client: Monadelphous Engineering Associates Pty Ltd
Value of Works: $580,000
Commencement of Works: May 2012
Completion of Works: May 2012

Description of Works

The scope of works provided by SERS included the removal of approximately 500 lineal meters of steel pipe varying in diameter from 150mm to 450mm which at the joints had asbestos containing gaskets. The gaskets were deemed a “friable” asbestos product and were removed in a safe method thus reducing fibre generation and eliminating exposure to airborne asbestos by personnel involved with the removal process.The works were completed during operational shuts and consisted of 24hr operations for two weeks. Works were completed in testing conditions in cramped dusty areas with all pipework being cut out in situ in two meter lengths, lowered to ground and traversed out one egress point while being a part of a larger shut down crew.All works were completed on time and to budget with no medical treatments necessitated or lost time injuries which were a credit to the sixteen man crew deployed to complete the works.


The project was successfully undertaken with the project being completed in a non-disruptive manner.Communication lines between all vested parties were transparent and control monitoring incorporated immediate advice during works which ensured legislated compliance was maintained throughout the duration of the project.