Asbestos Survey Project Profile

Job site / location: Verve Power Station, Kwinana, Perth
Client: CMA Contracting Pty Ltd
Value of Works: ~$30,000
Commencement of Works: July 2009
Completion of Works: August 2009

Description of Works

SERS were commissioned by CMA Contracting to conduct asbestos surveys across the entire infrastructure of the power generation equipment boilers and turbines three and four. This was done to aid CMA Contracting, who were contracted by Verve Energy to deconstruct two complete boilers and turbines to enable the construction of new gas fired equipment and turbines to the ageing Kwinana facility. SERS conducted an initial visual inspection then devised a documented systematic sampling regime based on the working purpose of the surveyed structures with the known and suspected areas of concern highlighted. The structures took a total of two weeks of field work to survey with intrusive methods used throughout. Over 100 analytical samples were taken which were selected to offer a conclusive and thorough assessment of the structure for the purposes of demolition.

Post inspection a formal asbestos survey report in compliance with legislative guidelines was formulated and offered to the client. Within the report recommendations for immediate asbestos abatement were offered with concise reasoning outlining the impacts to the project as a whole, backed by analytical results.


The demolition project and all other surrounding vested parties were able to proceed with the asbestos abatement and overall deconstruction with confidence and brought the project back onto contractual timelines. SERS provided ongoing support where required inclusive of respirable fibre monitoring throughout the demolition and ground works related to construction.