Queensland monitoring projects at high level

SERS Queensland had another productive month with works carried out all across the state. These works ranged from respirable fiber monitoring and clearances in regional QLD and the Brisbane Metropolitan area to hazardous material and asbestos surveys of residential, commercial and heavy industrial sites. These works involved the usage of our team of Licensed Asbestos Assessors to provide our clients with the quality of service they expect within the time frames and costs that they need.

SERS Queensland’s monitoring team were busy carrying out works in the Greater Brisbane area utilizing their suite of dust, noise and vibration monitoring equipment. Ensuring that we are delivering the 24hr uninterrupted service that our clients expect and reporting as required by our client specifications. SERS monitors have been involved at a high profile site since November 2017 and continue to provide our clients with an accurate representation of the acoustic and vibrational environment surrounding their site.

SERS environmental team also performed mould sampling and analysis, identifying an issue within a hospital, leading to remediation works being carried out. The remediation works were carried out by suitably qualified professionals building an airtight enclosure around the impacted area, utilized the removal of impacted plasterboard walls, scrubbing, and usage of mould targeting disinfectants to cleanse the area. SERS then carried out swab sampling of internal surfaces and conducted Mould air testing. Upon completion of these works the area was successfully deemed to be free of mould and was re-opened for normal operations.

SERS NATA accredited Queensland laboratory was in full swing processing asbestos bulk samples generated during our surveys, site assessments, from our commercial clients, and from our safety conscious residential clients. All sample analysis was carried out by our experienced laboratory analysts, providing the prompt service that is expected of us.

Richard Southam
Queensland State Manager