SERS Queensland continues to provide high level monitoring services

SERS Queensland (QLD) has been busy throughout the state providing our services to clients, assisting them to complete their projects in safest and productive way possible. SERS QLD have been utilizing their staff’s abilities to the utmost to the betterment of our works. These works have involved dust monitoring, noise and vibration monitoring, personnel dust and silica monitoring, water sampling, site investigation reports, hazardous material surveys, and dilapidations in addition to our other services.

SERS QLD Licensed Asbestos Assessors have been providing comprehensive audits to large-scale demolition projects, to audits on behalf of Australian Border Force on imported vehicles, to daily air monitoring and clearance inspections. These works have been performed to strict reporting and regulatory procedures, with satisfactory results for all parties.

SERS QLD Dilapidation teams have been active on multiple projects throughout Brisbane, and are currently in the process of completing sensitive works surrounding future development areas. These works include heritage listed buildings, apartment complexes, roads and footpaths bordering the works. These surveys have been completed using our vehicle-mounted cameras, aerial drones, DSLR cameras, and computerized entry systems. All of this information leads to a comprehensive assessment of all sensitive receptors and infrastructure and provides our clients with detailed audits to refer to throughout works.

SERS Monitoring teams have multiple projects running throughout the state utilizing our dust, noise, and vibration monitoring equipment. Our noise and vibration monitoring works are currently being used in the Mount Isa region for the purposes of delineating the extent of impact from works to the nearest sensitive receptors. These assessments are being carried out periodically prior to the works beginning within the townsite. This information helps our clients to make informed decisions in regards to their likely impact as works progress.

The SERS Hygiene team have been active in the Rockhampton region this month and also within a highly sensitive site within the Brisbane City area. SERS hygienists have been monitoring respirable dust, respirable crystalline silica, and total dust for both mine sites and this sensitive site. Following the assessments, SERS have been able to provide the clients with dust management plans as required and reporting detailing the findings of the assessments to facilitate any changes that may be required in their processes.

SERS Environmental team have conducted numerous water samples throughout the greater Brisbane area this month and have conducted a site investigation at a potentially contaminated site. This site was identified as being potentially at risk for the presence of asbestos, heavy metals and hydrocarbons. These works are currently ongoing and progress will likely be reported within next months installment.

Should you have any upcoming projects, SERS Queensland may be able to assist you, please feel free to contact us on 1300 320 696 or on admin@sers.local

Richard Southam
Queensland State Manager