Site Management Plans identify risks within waste transfer station

SERS’s Planning and Approvals Department were recently engaged to undertake the compilation and submission of a detailed Site Management Plan (SMP) for a Waste Transfer Station.

The SMP contained detailed information which applies to the whole site in regard to the control measures required for the daily running and management of the site. These controls measures extend to all tenants, staff, site visitors as well as the future management of the site. The objective of the SMP was to provide a risk assessment and outline ongoing requirements for the management of the Site.

The SMP discussed:

  • Background information on the Site;
  • Identification of the hazards and exposure pathways;
  • Methods of managing exposure to reduce the risk;
  • Identifying activities, which would require specific management if carried out in the suspected impacted areas such as those activities that may intersect/disturb the affected materials;
  • Environmental management, health and safety and control measures;
  • Guidance for the long-term management of landfill gases; and
  • Responsibility for implementation of the plan.

With particular reference to:

  • Outline of potential contaminants onsite and assessment of risks to receptors;
  • Provisions for the ongoing assessment of potential off-site migration of landfill gas; and
  • Occupational health and safety plans for workers carrying out intrusive works on-site.

To assist our client with the management of the site the following detailed Appendix were included within the submitted report:

  • Landfill Gas Management Plan
  • OH&S Plan for Intrusive Works Onsite

Rod Manning
Operations Manager