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When you need expert Asbestos Removal in Perth, call in the best asbestos consultants in WA. SERS have been providing high-quality environmental management services since 2008 and our consultants have been involved with the abatement of over one million square metres of asbestos contained within existing structures.

SERS offers a wide range of asbestos services across Perth, that are suitable for both residential and commercial properties. Clear your home or business of asbestos today with SERS asbestos removal Perth.

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Perth Asbestos Removal Cost

The cost of removing asbestos all depends on where the asbestos is located and the total amount to be removed. Because asbestos fibres were used as a construction material for so long, particularly in Perth, it is possible to find asbestos almost everywhere.

Below are some of the most common places to find asbestos around homes in Perth.

  • Asbestos cement (‘fibro’)
  • Fences
  • Switchboards
  • Roofing
  • Carpets
  • Sprayed on insulation and acoustic applications
  • Vinyl asbestos tiles
  • AC ducts
  • Roofing felts
  • Suspended ceiling tiles
  • Car parts, including brake pads and gaskets
  • Fire doors and other fire resistant materials

Removing Asbestos Insulation in Perth Homes

Loose fill asbestos insulation was used throughout Perth homes and businesses up to the asbestos ban in the mid 1980s. While many older houses will have already been inspected for asbestos, it is still possible to find the dangerous fibres in your home.

Like all forms of asbestos, the risks of loose fill insulation depend on tiny fibres being released into the air and breathed in by human beings. Loose fill asbestos does not pose significant danger if left undisturbed, but it’s friability (the fact that it’s loose and easily crumbled) increases the level of caution required by homeowners.

Perth Asbestos Fence Removal

Asbestos was commonly used in the construction of fences around Perth, and is often the most likely place to find asbestos on your property. Due to their placement around Perth homes and businesses, these fences are easy to break, which releases the dangerous asbestos fibres.

It can be difficult to tell whether your fence has materials containing asbestos in it just by looking. As a general rule, if your fence was installed before the asbestos ban in the mid 1980s, it is highly likely that it would have materials containing asbestos.

Modern fences, especially those built this century, are unlikely to contain asbestos. However, if the fence replaced an older one, or if the property was redeveloped, there is a chance that traces of asbestos may still remain in the soil surrounding the fence, making it dangerous to dig around the fence line.

Asbestos in Artex Ceilings

Artex was huge from the 1950s, until as late as the 1990s, and created a textured, patterned look. Unfortunately, up until the mid-1980s, and later in some areas, it was made with asbestos, meaning that if you have this kind of ceiling, asbestos testing is essential before you try to remove it.

If you’ve moved into a Perth house with an Artex ceiling, you’re unlikely to have been exposed. However, it’s important to get your ceiling inspected and tested for asbestos. If you do have asbestos in your home, then it’s important to get it removed by professionals as soon as possible, as it will become more of a risk over time, and could be a hazard when you carry out DIY work.

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Asbestos in Vermiculite

Despite its widespread use, there are a number of health risks associated with vermiculite. While pure vermiculite is relatively safe, there are a number of cases where vermiculite-based products were contaminated with asbestos during the extraction or distribution process and sold to companies and the public.

This means that many people could be at risk if they carry out construction or demolition work on a property containing tainted vermiculite.

Unfortunately, this is a very real concern here in Australia. Asbestos-containing vermiculite was sold here for decades, and experts estimate that thousands of homes across the country could contain contaminated vermiculite to this day.

Of course, it’s not just residential homes that are at risk. For example, in 1988, more than 800 cubic metres of vermiculite was removed from the roof of the Canberra Centre, highlighting just how widespread the issue could potentially be.

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Removing Asbestos in Your Car

When you think about asbestos, you probably think of it as a building material, but it can be found in a variety of places, including older cars. Asbestos used to be a popular material for cars because of its high level of fire resistance, and up until the 1970s it was used in gaskets, clutches, and other car parts.

Australia has also put a blanket ban in place to stop the import of goods that contain asbestos, and so those who collect classic cars have faced difficulty bringing them into the country.

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Removing Asbestos in Your Carpet

Most Perth homeowners know the common places to look out for asbestos, from the insulation to textured ceilings, but what many people don’t realise is that the danger could be right under their feet.

In the 1960s and 1970s, underlay was often made using recycled hessian bags which contained asbestos, and installed in many homes. Therefore, if you have an older carpet underlay, you may need to have asbestos analysis carried out to ensure it doesn’t contain this dangerous mineral.

Although the risk is low, even small amounts of asbestos can be hazardous to health, which is why professional advice is so important.

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SERS Perth Head Office

The head office of SERS is located in Northbridge, WA on the fringe of the Perth Central Business District.

Our Perth office provides asbestos removal, environmental monitoring, spill response, dilapidation and planning and landfill management services to the entirety of WA.

Our main workshop where our fleet of monitoring equipment is also housed and maintained in Perth by our trained and competent technicians.

Our administration team and technical staff are based at the Perth office, in addition to a large field team, who are all led by our Managing Director, Matt Campbell and our Operations Manager, Rod Manning.


Matt Campbell is a licensed asbestos assessor with over 15 years’ experience within the industry both as a contractor and consultant.

Matt has formal analytical qualifications from the McRone Institute in Chicago, Illinois, USA in respirable fibre monitoring and analytical analysis and holds national accreditation as a duly licensed Asbestos Assessor.

Under Matt as the Managing Director, SERS has worked on multi-billion-dollar mining expansion projects as a demolition and asbestos specialist on sensitive asbestos remediation projects and also service other large scale industrial projects across the country. Matt has personally worked extensively for the Western Australian and Northern Territory government and the Department of Defence, as well as working on commercial developments and general residential work.

Outside of his on the ground experience, Matt is regularly called upon to give specialist advice and comment on civil legal proceedings as an expert witness for matters involving asbestos.

Matt comes from a contracting background, and during his dealings with various environmental firms on a broad number of development sites in the Perth metropolitan area, experienced a distinct lack of dedication to basic client service within the environmental industry.

Matt founded SERS with the vision to provide cost-effective, client-focused environmental services for the whole of Australia. Matt also looks after the areas of the Northern Territory, Victoria and New Zealand of which SERS are procured infrequently.

Matt Campbell - Managing Director


Rod was appointed as SERS’s Operations Manager in 2015 bringing 15 years of national experience to the role.

He has since overseen all contractual works undertaken by SERS staff and contractors and has worked closely with our clients on building the business throughout Australia.

Since his commencement with SERS Rod has been able to develop and improve the SERS management systems and processes including:

  • SAI Global certification of our Quality, Health and Safety, and Environmental Management Systems
  • An increased focus on client requirements to build solid customer relationships
  • Development of operating standards from contract commencement through to completion and reporting
  • Ensuring that the company has profitable and sustainable structures and processes in place
  • Improvement of our work processes to allow for competitive pricing models to clients.

He believes that by continuing to build the skills and capabilities of staff, from graduates through to senior staff, that we are able to be an employer of choice and offer long term employment opportunities to our staff

Rod looks forward to the exciting times ahead for SERS in the continuation of our national expansion and working closely with our clients to deliver the exceptional standard of works our clients deserve.

For more information on our services in WA, please contact us today.

Rod Manning - Operations Manager

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