Does your home have loose fill asbestos insulation in NSW? Don’t panic!

Over the past decade or so, a lot of information has come to light about the dangers of asbestos, and in particular there have been widespread media stories about how…Read More >>

Asbestos Artex: Identifying If Your Retro Ceiling is Dangerous

Interior design trends come and go, and most of them can be hidden with a simple lick of paint, or removed and replaced. However, some trends such as textured Artex…Read More >>

Asbestos Regulations Make Importing Classic Cars Almost Impossible

When you think about asbestos, you probably think of it as a building material, but it can be found in a variety of places, including older cars. Asbestos used to…Read More >>

Asbestos Abroad: How Different Countries Tackled the Asbestos Issue

Asbestos isn’t just an Australian problem, and it’s not necessarily something that’s in the past either. While most first world nations had asbestos bans in place by the 1990s, many…Read More >>

I’ve Been Exposed to Asbestos: What to do Next

Asbestos is a highly dangerous material, and during the years when it was used as a construction material, asbestos exposure was common. Found in all manner of pre-1990 construction materials,…Read More >>

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