Soil is a fundamental resource and a complex mixture of nutrients that are essential for plant growth. It is an intricate system that requires delicate balancing to optimise plant uptake and other processes. An excess of one element leads to deficiencies in others which constitutes a cause for concern.

Soil testing is important for public health and the agricultural industry as contaminated land carry major implications. Site contamination may restrict useor increase costs associated with  a development project. Sampling and detailed analysis of the land is necessary to minimise any associated risk with the propertyTesting and analysis are complex processes that must be handled by qualified specialists in the industry.

SERS have been involved in a number of key soil testing and analysis projects for clients across  different industries. Our expertise has provided us with the opportuntiy to work with some of the largest organisations across Australia. Our services are flexible and can be tailored to suit any requirements.

Our testing and analysis services are able to uncover key information including deficiencies and excesses with the soil. Any problems are clearly identified and prioritised accordingly. The data we gather forms the basis for soil fertility programs.

Our procedures are conducted to meet strict regulatory requirements with all analysis performed in partner NATA accredited laboratories. We have a number of quality control procedures in place and work according to strict quality control standards.

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Site Assessment Services

SERS offers cost effective environmental services that are backed by extensive industry experience. Our services encompass contaminated land assessments, land purchase, waste and environmental management, and regeneration for brownfield sites. We have worked on numerous projects, works include the identification and remediation of contaminated sites.

We take an integrated approach involving complete assessments identifying and mitigating potential environmental risks. Our approach covers the management and execution of remediation solutions to suit the circumstances. This also includes the design, management, and validation of aspects associated with contaminated land works.

SERS currently works with clients in the construction, engineering, land and property acquisition, and asset management sectors. We service tier one miners, industrial facility holders, commercial facilities and residential settings. Our aim is to provide cost effective services and customer focused advice.

We provide clients with detailed assessments aiding them to make informed business decisions based on environmental risks and possible associated liabilities. The information we provide allows for a Site Management Plan to be applied should a site require remediation.

Our capabilities include:

  • Investigating contaminated land
  • Conducting Phase 1 / 2 (PSI/DSI) site analysis
  • Formulating Remediation Action Plans (RAP)
  • Remediating Sites through our extensive contracting capabilities and experience.
  • Sampling and testing soils, sludge’s and water to relevant standards and quality controls
  • Installation and sampling of monitoring bores for groundwater analysis.
  • In ground gas surveys including landfill gas
  • Acid sulphate investigation & management
  • Assisting with Site Management Plans (SMP)
  • Calculating risk assessment
  • Liaising with all relevant government compliance officers and third party appointed auditors

This is only a small sample of the services we are able to provide. We work according to client requirements and can provide additional services associated with contaminated land including comprehensive soil testing. All work undertaken by our specialists are completed in accordance with contaminated land regulations.

The entire process is carefully guided from start to finish in a seamless flow. The process we employ allows clients to eliminate themanagement of multiple contractors, saving them time and money. The approach we take ensures the delivery of cost effective services that are compliant with legislative requirements.

Compliance regulations vary across Australia, meaning assessments need to be carried out accordingly. Our specialists have experience with the different legislative compliance requirements that exist for contaminated sites. These include compliance for due diligence surveys and bulk remediation.

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SERS offers a range of environmental services associated with contaminated land assessments including testing of soil. We include comprehensive information to help clients make informed business decisions. Our specialists work according to client specifications and strict regulations that are in place.

Our reports contain detailed assessments including details surrounded the necessity of site remediation. Our services are available for projects of any scale from private developments to large industrial sites.

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