Soil Testing Services Australia

SERS have been involved in a number of key soil testing and analysis projects for clients across different industries. Our expertise has provided us with the opportunity to work with some of the largest organisations across Australia. Our services are flexible and can be tailored to suit any requirements.

Soil is a fundamental resource and a complex mixture of nutrients that are essential for plant growth. It is an intricate system that requires delicate balancing to optimise plant uptake and other processes. An excess of one element leads to deficiencies in others which constitutes a cause for concern.

Soil testing is important for public health and the agricultural industry as contaminated land carry major implications. Site contamination may restrict use or increase costs associated with a development project. Sampling and detailed analysis of the land is necessary to minimise any associated risk with the property.

Soil testing and analysis are complex processes that must be handled by qualified specialists in the industry.

Our testing and analysis services are able to uncover key information including deficiencies and excesses with the soil. Any problems are clearly identified and prioritised accordingly. The data we gather forms the basis for soil fertility programs.

Our procedures are conducted to meet strict regulatory requirements with all analysis performed in partner NATA accredited laboratories. We have a number of quality control procedures in place and work according to strict quality control standards.

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