SERS Queensland update

SERS Queensland has had another great month, providing our clients with cost-effective solutions to problems arising in a variety of areas. Through the use of our skilled asbestos assessment team, we have been able to assist in the removal of 2 fire-affected properties in a safe and controlled manner, without any observable impact to the surrounding environments. Through the use of a respirable fibre monitoring program and our Licensed Asbestos Assessors onsite, we were able to assist our client to remove these high-risk properties from their respective areas and eliminate all future risk to nearby receptors.

SERS asbestos team also completed several asbestos audits to properties across Queensland, from Rockhampton to South East QLD, including Brisbane City area. These assessments ranged from residential properties to Industrial buildings and helped to ensure that our clients were fully aware of all asbestos materials which could potentially impact their upcoming projects. On top of this, SERS asbestos team were working across the greater Brisbane area, from the Gold Coast to Sunshine Coast, applying our industry knowledge in a wide variety of asbestos contamination issues.

SERS environmental monitoring team have been working across the state providing our dust, noise and vibration monitoring services and in-depth capabilities to provide our clients with an all-round service, from compliance to assessment to formulation of noise and vibration management plans for specific projects.

SERS dilapidation teams have been working on a variety of projects in the Brisbane metropolitan area covering residential neighbourhoods scheduled for large-scale apartment complexes, to assessments of roads and tram services to the assessment of the infrastructure and services surrounding an upcoming project at a large airport.

On a final note, it has been a great financial year for the SERS Brisbane team, with a rapid expansion of new staff to add to our existing capable team and we are all looking forward to another year of continuous growth.

We at SERS Brisbane would like to offer a thank you to all our existing clients and look forward to assisting you throughout your works this financial year.

Richard Southam
Queensland State Manager